Mercy on America

Well, I think the time has come for everyone to ask, "Where's the evidence?" We have been bombing a country for over two months now and forcing its inhabitants to starve and freeze. Yet I still have not seen "The Evidence." Remember a couple of months ago when the U.S. government said that there was substantial evidence linking Osama bin Laden to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11? Where is the evidence? We have been hearing and reading the name bin Laden so consistently over the past couple of months that most people do not hesitate to attribute the attacks to him, but that isn't proof, that's news blanketing. I want to see the evidence that the government claims to have.

Of course, even proof that bin Laden masterminded the attacks would not justify our actions. If he is responsible, then what is the excuse for bombing Afghanistan? When told that the U.S. believed that bin Laden was the perpetrator, the Taliban in Afghanistan responded in the same way that any good American lawyer would by demanding that he get a fair trial in an international court of justice. That's just plain old due process, innocent until proven guilty, our Fifth Amendment right.

Finally, the U.S. points to the terrorist camps that have been targeted and bombed. The righteousness would probably be more effective on our part if we didn't have our own school for terrorism in Georgia, formerly called the School of the Americas. However, any government with a school that has so many infamous alumni can't really claim the moral high ground.

Why bring this up now when the Taliban is so close to being destroyed? Maybe I write this because, reading all of the Christmas cards proclaiming Peace, I feel sad that the one superpower in the world today can't rule without violence. Some people claim that our military is our might, but most people know that our economy is what really makes the world go round. Or perhaps I mention this now when I see signs everywhere proclaiming "God Bless America" when a more religiously accurate rendition (whether the sign owner is Jewish, Christian or Muslim) would be "God have mercy on America."

Theresa North

Hood River

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