Parkdale man admits to `Silver Bullet' assault

Daniel J. Cochran, 34, of Parkdale was sentenced last week for hitting a Carson, Wash., man in the forehead with a "silver bullet."

Cochran admitted guilt in Hood River Circuit Court on Dec. 10 to throwing an unopened can of Coors Lite beer at Ryan G. Jennings. After being struck with the 12-ounce container, Jennings was forced to get stitches to repair the long deep wound at the bridge of his nose.

Although he will be allowed to spend Christmas with his family, Hood River District Attorney John Sewell said Cochran will start his 90-day jail term on Dec. 26 and be ineligible for work release. Until his report date, he has a 5 p.m. curfew unless he is in the presence of his parents.

Once Cochran is released, he will be on probation for 18 months and has been directed to pay up to $10,000 of restitution for Jennings' medical bills. In addition, he was ordered to pay $839 for kicking and denting Jennings' car.

Also at the Dec. 10 hearing, Cochran pled guilty to possession of a small amount of methamphetamine based on an unrelated Aug. 11 arrest for driving under the influence.

For that crime, he was ordered to enter a drug and alcohol treatment program. In addition, he was directed to have no contact with users and refrain from use of drugs/alcohol or entry into an alcohol outlet for a one year period. In exchange for his guilty plea, Sewell said the drug charge will be expunged from Cochran's record if he successfully meets these court-ordered conditions.

The assault with the beer can occurred in July when Cochran reportedly found his former live-in girlfriend with Jennings at Tollbridge Park. She had allegedly been staying in a trailer at that location after moving out of the residence she had shared with Cochran.

At the time of the incident, Jennings told deputies that he had been at the park to visit an "old friend" and had driven the woman to a nearby store for cigarettes. When the pair pulled back into the campground Cochran reportedly came out of the bushes near the trailer and began to kick Jennings' car.

At that point, Jennings said he got out of the vehicle to talk to Cochran and calm him down. However, when Cochran began to come around the car toward him in an aggressive manner, Jennings attempted to climb back inside. Before he could close the door, Jennings said Cochran reportedly threw the beer at him. Bleeding from the head wound, Jennings said he managed to get back inside the automobile and drive it to a nearby home, where he called for help.

According to police reports, when officers arrived at the park Cochran attempted to drive around their vehicles near the entrance and was forced to stop when he rammed into a picnic table.

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