Super-absurd idea

I most strongly agree with the letter "Get Angry" (Our Readers Write, Oct. 31) written by Fran and Joe Mazzara concerning the proposed Wal Mart superstore in Hood River. A casino? A "super" store? What's next: an open pit copper mine?

The idea of a huge 156,000-foot store in Hood River is so absurd as to defy common sense, no matter how much some out-of-town developer, realtor or mega-retailer might think otherwise. Not only would it be a tremendous eye-sore, one only has to look at the existing Wal-Mart (the very first thing a visitor sees of Hood River when approaching on I-84 from the west) -- but there are dozens other reasons that this proposal, and any like it, should be flatly turned down.

It will certainly not attract any significant outside economic influence since it will simply be yet another big department store similar to ones nearby in The Dalles or Gresham. Indeed, it will instead drain money OUT of our community!

Do we want the "unique, small town friendly" image of Hood River -- which so many people are working so hard to promote-to become yet another "anywhere striptown USA"?

The existing Wal Mart is bad enough. Why compound earlier mistakes?

Eric Sanford

Hood River

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