'Just one letter'

During the Gulf War, the U.S. military worked to minimize the "collateral damage" deaths of civilians. When the war ended, our politicians took over. Since then over one million Iraqi civilians have died under our government's sanctions program. Almost all of them were innocent. They didn't even vote for Saddam Hussein -- he is a dictator. In fact, in the past the American government has helped Saddam far more than any of the citizens of Iraq. In the past, the American government has armed him, given him "intelligence," and looked the other way while he used poison gas against his people. But the two governments fell out, so the U.S. got the U.N. to enact sanctions, and innocent civilians have been the victims.

I work in office buildings and fly on airplanes, so I can see how easily it could have been me, and how the terrorist's victims were innocent, and didn't deserve what happened to them. It is not so easy for me to put myself in the place of an Iraqi. But I am a parent. Those of you who are parents, imagine watching your children starve to death. More than a million Iraqi parents have watched their children die. All of those children were innocent. Many of them were not old enough to talk.

The Americans that I know are mostly decent, kind, and honorable people. But the fact is that for 10 years our government's policy has been to deny food and medicine to innocent civilians because we don't like their dictator. Our government doesn't deny this. Five years ago Madeleine Albright was directly asked about the death of 500,000 children, and she said "this is a very hard choice but the price, we think, is worth it."

How good a reason would you need, to kill half a million children? You and I didn't do this, but our government did. Isn't it about time we make our government live by our values? Please write your politicians and tell them you want no more innocent victims. For your country's honor, your own soul, and your children's future, write one letter.

Wayne Haythorn


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