'Big Box' Appeal

Regarding Passage of the "Big Box" Ordinance:

I spoke before the City Council in opposition to this ordinance. They passed the ordinance in spite of much opposition. This ordinance affects all of the people in the county. It does not stop with the city.

I received a letter for the city stating that I had the right to appeal their decision. This is my appeal.

I choose this method of appealing because I feel that any decision made by the city council on this issue was made before the request for public input. I do not think that there is any possibility of overturning this decision unless the public has the right to vote. I think that our representatives have the power to make decisions. I also think that there are times that they should allow their constituents to voice their opinions through their votes. I ask for a public vote on this issue.

The statement that the City will closely "monitor" all County decisions concerning the recent application for a building permit has all the signs of attempting to control County decisions. I do not believe that the City decision should have any control of the Building Permits for the Frankton property. Again, ask all of the residents of the county for their opinions.

I have heard the statement that a Wal-Mart (Super or not) will take money out of the community. Many of these same people admit to going to Portland to shop for clothing and specialty items. I think that this practice removes more money from our economy. Jobs are jobs. They may not offer high salaries, but they are much better than not having a job. I do not want to see a lot of employment opportunities removed from our local economy. Vote (if you are allowed to) for the opportunity of have large businesses in Hood River County and in the city of Hood River.

Leonard Hickman

Hood River

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