Doubling pride

I am not a flag-waving "my country right or wrong" kind of person. Far from it. But I do relish my freedom and those symbols (such as those of peace and brotherhood) that are of special meaning to me.

And I realize that, if I am to retain my favored freedoms and symbols, then I must respect those of others, particularly those who died so I could have mine. For that reason, I am disgusted by the repugnant actions of person(s) who have stolen or desecrated public and private flags at this time of national distress.

So I am mounting on a board in my driveway two flags for each of the eight stolen or desecrated in Hood River County. These flags can never replace the personal meaning of the originals. But they do represent the determination of the vast majority to redouble our efforts to always be free and respectful of others. In the words of that great spiritual and statement of determination: "We Shall Overcome."

Dave Dockham

Hood River

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