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In tomorrow's world, a high school diploma is no longer a guarantee for economic security. The world in which our children will be living and working will not only require education beyond high school, but will require life-long learning. Currently in Hood River our children have limited educational opportunities following high school. On Nov. 6, we, as a community, have a chance to change that.

A yes vote for the Colubia Gorge Community College District Annexation will expand community college offerings in Hood River. This annexation strengthens public education in Hood River for our children and helps prepare them to meet future challenges and opportunities. These expanded offerings also serve a need for continued education throughout a person's life.

This annexation vote is about us as a community coming together to support our common inerest in education. An interest that will strengthen our community and help fulfill an agreement with our children to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful.

Please join with me in voting yes for the Columbia Gorge Community College District annexation on Nov. 6.

Jerry L. Sessions

Superintendent, Hood River County School District

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