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I work with young children. We sing a lot. One of the lullabies we've been singing lately goes like this: May there always be sunshine, May there always be blue skies, May there always be Mama, May there always be Papa, May there always be me. The kids love it. Think about it, let it sink in. As we sing this, I look into the eyes of each child and see not only them but children around the world. This little song came to be by a Russian schoolchild, gathered here by Pete Seeger.

There isn't a day go by that I haven't felt deep grief and empathy for the children, families and friends of those who perished on 9/11. Actually my grief goes way further back than 9/11. Many of us grieve for all the environmental holocaust, misery and death around the world as a result of love of selfish power and wealth. It grieves me that my country, the country of my fathers and mothers back to the early 1600s, has spawned corporations that benetfit, either directly or indirectly, from the deaths of a conservative estimate of 8 million peoples, mostly civilians, around the world, since world war II.

Most agree that the USA is the only super power in the world today. I hear the rest of the world looks to us to grow up, and use our position maturely. Instead of immature super power business-as-usual war of greed, misery and death, why not a vision for corporate power and governments to bring truly positive and lasting actions around the world? All of us, too, are being negatively impacted by souless entities. Imagine multinational corporations and governments working for sustainability: like clean water for everyone, like clothing and shelter, like positive medical care, like mediators for conflict resolution, like actually promoting democracy where there is an opening, like not plundering our land and other people's lands for their resources. I dare say these actions would be a whole lot less expensive in every way, than b-a-u, and a whole lot more rewarding and happy in every way. Isn¹t an once of prevention worth a pound of cure?

On Saturday, November 3, from 9 to 5, at the Hood River Valley Chistian Church, on Indian Creek Road, we have an awesome opportunity to learn a great deal about the Middle East, Islam, and Making War, Waging Peace from some highly experienced and educated people. Let's be there.


Keith Harding

Mount Hood

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