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This is a sad week in American History. With the plane crashing into the World Trade Center and in the Pentagon, it is the worst attack that has happened to America since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This simply reminds me of how great our Nation is. This may seem weird for this statement to be given with what has happened, but it is true. After the plane crashes, thousands upon thousands of Americans have donated blood, money and resources to help those in need in New York City. This is what America was founded on. Helping out each other in the time of need. Not being asked to do so, but just doing it because it needs to be done. It is during this time that we as a Nation need to come together and get over this tragic incident.

Now this last summer I worked at a Boy Scout summer camp in Dufur, Ore., Camp Baldwin. On Friday we put on a program called American Heritage. Here is one of closing statement that I think that will get us through this time in history:

"What is the strength of America? America's strength is in its Character. Americans of character have fought the Revolutionary War, endured the strife of the Civil War, lead the pioneers in the move out west, and have fought in battles of freedom everywhere. America's Strength is still rooted in Character. Our goal is to maintain allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and fidelity to its Constitution. Our Freedom, Our Liberty is worth every price that we have paid for it. This is our home, our native land, and here we take out stand. God Bless America."

Andrew Darling


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