Eagles, no pride

I went for a walk at the Hood River High School Track Saturday, the morning after the Eagles Football Game. If I was a reporter/photographer for the Hood River News I would have taken a picture of the large "EAGLE PRIDE" banner in the bleachers next to a photo of the disgusting condition of the field the day after. Trash and garbage everywhere on the track, field and bleachers, on the grass and in the parking lot. It looked like a bomb had gone off. Pepsi cups, lids, straws, admission tickets, HRVHS homemade megaphones, plastic sports drink and water bottles, programs, candy wrappers, join The Booster Club ads, on and on. It even permeated down the trail by Indian Creek. Some patriotic soul, I'm sure with good intentions, strung red, white and blue banners between several trees. Some of the flags off the banners are now on the trail and in the creek which, I'm sure the animal life appreciate the flavor and texture of choking on plastic. Ironically, left on the field were all the little candles lit to signify the audiences' pride and support of America.

I wasn't at the game but I'm sure there was the "Moment of Silence, and The Star Spangled Banner sung" all of course to pay "Tribute" to our Country. What a crock. In the parking lot the day after, there were six school buses from Beaverton, Gladstone etc., here for whatever sports event inside the gym. I can't help but wonder what their impression was. I counted 20 huge cans at the school that have TRASH printed on them. There was one lone employee picking up all the garbage and hauling it out, loads of it. I wonder how difficult it is for those attending to waddle over to one of these cans. Not every one at the game littered the premises, for those that did and do, please don't stand up and tout your support for America and this country if you can't even take pride in yourselves and, all of Our Backyard. Bit by bit, little by little human beings like you that throw garbage out, no matter the location, are disrespecting everything and every living being on this earth. Yes, that little piece of HRVHS Track is the Earth. Do try and get a clue. Either you have Pride or you don't. You can't have it both ways.

Janice McClure

Hood River

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