Class series aimed at parents of teens

The teen years can be confusing to both parents and youth. The "Parents Who Care" program offers support to parents to make a positive difference in their teenagers' lives.

Toby Kuykendall, program manager at The Next Door, Inc., and Ron Harder, school counselor at Wy'east Middle School, will lead a "Parents Who Care" series of five workshops to be held once a week starting today at 6 p.m. at the library at Wy'east School. The Next Door and Wy'east are co-sponsoring the event.

The "Parents Who Care" program is a step-by-step guide for families with teens. It is especially helpful for parents who have teens that will be freshmen in high school next year. The transition to high school is a high-risk period for all youth. This program features easy to follow strategies for creating better communication, building healthier behavior, and protecting teens.

"As our children get older, the choices become greater," Kuykendall said. "Greater choices lead to greater consequences. It's important to talk to teens about the power they have to make decisions."

One of the challenges of raising teenagers is knowing that their choices have consequences that can affect not only their own lives, but also the lives of others, according to Kuykendall.

"As parents we're entitled to get support in dealing with this period in our children's lives," she said.

Cost for the series is $20 for materials, but there are scholarships available. Register now, as enrollment is limited. Call 386-4098 for more information.

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