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It is ludicrous that the county is paying Franklin Drake and Mt. Hood Meadows $1.1 million dollars in this land trade. Money which could be used to take care of the present school funding shortage. I know, the money comes from a different account, but don't you juggle money in your household budget when there is an emergency? Is our current county finance system so inflexible that we can't make changes that would help our children become better educated citizens. I would consider that an emergency. Oh yeah, our commissioners don't do emergencies, they might get sued, and the corporations would rather have non-thinkers working for them. Let's just keep the status quo and line the pockets of a couple of rich developers with our children's education. Tell me, where did that money we are paying Meadows come from? Tell your kids their favorite teacher is being let go because our elected officials acted like most of the other elected officials in this country, who represent special interest groups and corporations, instead of the poor moms and dads trying to get their kids housed, clothed and fed. Now, you are going to have to educate your children also. Oh well, when we can't afford to fund our schools we can just send our kids to be slave labor at Meadows or Wal-Mart. They don't need an education for that besides they could help you pay your higher property taxes. (I'll save that for another letter.)

Citizens of Hood River Valley and everyone else interested, now is time to take our country back from the corporations and the politicians they own! Run for office and vote the corporate politicians out of office. Greed belongs with the patriarch and those that think of only of themselves and the profits above and beyond what is needed to sustain a lifestyle that everyone can enjoy not just the privileged few. Have a nice day.

Kathy Semmes

Mt. Hood

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