Concern for dogs

I believe dogs should NOT be tethered if they obey voice commands like to "come" when called, and puppies automatically learn to come when called as they interact with the humans in their life.

In fact to be tied up causes too much despair and anxiety in dogs and may be dangerous as it could lead to aggresive behavior. If a certain dog needs to be somewhat controlled for any reason, it should be fenced with adequate space to romp and play in.

Dogs are not designed to wait in their owner's house until they return from work or wherever. Dogs are designed for mobility, to run and to play. No one should have a dog merely for themself to dominate. They should make their dog happy and they will be happy in return.

Our city and county policy regarding dogs must have empathy for the nature of dogs because they're wonderful companions and bring love and loyalty into our lives.

Every dog owner should treat their dog as part of their family with love, loyalty, and companionship being the primary reason they have the dog. Most dogs like to be in the house at night and in or out during the day, and are an asset to the family in joyfulness.

I think the dog that was attacked by another dog was on a leash which could have played a part in the confrontation by the frame of mind or attitude the restraint caused in the animals at the time.

Common sense tells you that compassion and tolerance are useful values, no matter what we are deciding.

Florence Akiyama

Hood River

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