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Wednesday night I and four others showed up at the Bowe Theater for a lecture about Lewis and Clark's stop at Fort Rock. When no one showed up to give the presentation we left. I learned the next morning that not enough interest had been generated (it may be rescheduled).

Admittedly my interest is greater than most as my folks live at Fort Rock (pop. 35). However, in preparation for the approaching Lewis and Clark Expedition Bicentennial, I reread the Journals of Lewis and Clark in the unedited form this fall, and I am very puzzled that there isn't a great deal of interest.

Fort Rock is a facinating though well-kept secret, because of its remote location in the center of the state. A lecture like this would likely educate many of us.

Besides L & C's stop, did you know Fort Rock is where the evidence of the oldest inhabitants of our continent was found; the local farmwives (my mother included) began a Historical Society in the 1880s; with little if any outside help, the society has moved various pioneer buildings to a site donated for that purpose, and are working on outfitting them with furnishings, clothing etc.; a number of years ago, The Oregonian was impressed with the project enough to give two pages coverage in Sunday Living.

I wish that the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "Expedition" is not SUV. There are more lectures scheduled, call Community Ed at 386-2055.

LaRayne Kayfes

Hood River

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