Involve, or unwrap

I am concerned that we are wrapping ourselves in the American Flag and calling ourselves Proud Patriotic Americans. The events of the last few years require us to dive deeper than just pasting or flying the flag on our cars. We have to get involved in our community on any level we can. The events happening outside our valley reflect exactly what is happening within our own community. NAFTA, Enron, Casino, Super Wal-Mart and Mt. Hood Meadows.

Corporate profits are becoming more important than the quality of lives for the residents of this world and this valley. If you want to see your children slaves to the corporations you can just sit back in that barko lounger and do nothing. If you care about the future for your children and grandchildren you have to get involved in your community, whether that just means starting a home recycling center, boycotting cancerous corporations that profit off child labor and those that profit off the natural resources of the Earth with total disregard for the concerns and health of its citizens.

If you care, I urge you to attend the County Commission Planning meeting on February 13 at 7:30 p.m. to voice your opinion for or against the future development at Cooper Spur. This will affect you because everything flows downhill (except money).

All I am asking for is honesty and communication from Mt. Hood Meadows about the future development at Cooper Spur. We have all chosen to live in this valley so we should all have a voice about its development. If you don't get involved or vote then you should unwrap yourself from that flag and just flush it down the toilet because it won't be worth anything if we don't stand up to the few with money.

Kathy Semmes

Mt. Hood

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