Where's the clamor?

I know the Tamiyasu family only by name, sight and community reputation. But even so Sheriff Joe Wampler's comment as quoted in the Hood River News of Feb. 2 concerning the Taimiyasu complaint about the destruction of private property and their request for reimbursement surprised me. The Sheriff's statement makes the family appear cheap and unappreciative. Perhaps. But exactly in what time frame was the complaint lodged -- before or after the suspicion of foul play?

I suspect that their "complaint" was really a questioning of procedures as they began to realize that Eric's murder investigation had been badly bungled. Then also, probably they, as I do, feel that the murder has been treated as a non-event by the general public and the Hood River News. I am thankful that the Oregonian newspaper brought Eric's murder back to Hood River, if only fleetingly.

In Hood River County, zoning, development and viewscapes arouse more passion and public clamor than murder. Is any of the above important if you are not secure?

Adolphus M. Parker


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