"Running Out of Time"

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

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One book that I think is a good one is Running Out Of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix. My sister said she really liked it, so I gave it a try and I like it too.

The cover sort of gives it away so I can tell you that there is a village with some people that think they are in 1840 in a small town called Clifton. The year is really 1996. It is a fascinating idea to have a historical village with villagers that live, work and play in our time. It is a good name because Jessie was running out time in two ways. I really like suspense books because it makes me think of all sorts plots and ideas of other books I could write or make movies of some day!

Here is a quote from the book page 59: "Mrs. Spurning led the children to a door marked Joseph Keyser, Esq., Blacksmith. Inside was a room with about fifty chairs, more then could fit in Pa's shop. But against one wall, full-length, was a clear image of Pa bent over a horseshoe glowing red. Jessie could hear the crackle of the fire behind him and see the sweat flowing down his face. For a minute, Jessie forgot she wasn't standing in the shop herself, perhaps having stopped in after school to see Pa. But she couldn't feel the heat of the fire, and all these strangely dressed future children surrounded her."


Kory Harding lives in Mt. Hood. He wrote this review for the "Beloved Books" Kaleidoscope feature on Feb. 27.

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