Losing, not saving

Greed. Greed is what motivates this super Wal-Mart big box store and all its proponents.

We've got a Wal-Mart -- done deal. We can live with that. The big super-duper Wal-Mart only makes sense to those who have a finger in the money pie. You think you're saving when you shop at Wal-Mart -- bigger is better -- it's the American Way! Bigger car, bigger house, bigger super box store! A larger big box store has no place in Hood River -- what's the point? We already have a Wal-Mart. Greed, money -- more money. It all makes no sense. You're not saving anything. In the long run we lose -- we all lose when Pete at Franz Hardware finally says it's just not worth it and bails. Then it's Dell at the DellMart that can't compete selling gas (I'm sure Wal-Mart has a gas station, too). and then it's our new and improved Rosauers and then Radio Shack. I guess it's progress, but the character of our beautiful town evolves to this strip mall mentality. And we're all saving? We're not saving anything. We're losing.

No, county commissioners, it wasn't a natural emergency like a hurricane or tornado, but all those people who packed the courthouse on Dec. 17 took time from their busy days because they thought it was (and is) an emergency. At least Carol York understood this.

When it comes time to vote I hope we all remember how these good old boys voted and we vote them out of office. And when it comes time to shop, I will avoid Wal-Mart like the plague. And when Glenn Taylor looks for an affordable sweatshirt for under $40, I suggest he look two doors down from his downtown office at the Gift House. I found one on the sale rack by their front door for 10 bucks.

Open your eyes, people -- sometimes money doesn't matter.

Stephen J. Curley

Hood River

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