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In response to Brian Sauncy's "Vision of Compromise" (Another Voice, Jan. 5) concerning a Hood River waterfront Casino I would like to say, "sure wish we in Cascade Locks had that vision." Hey, wait a minute we did, nearly two years ago. During the past year we have spent an enormous amount of time refining our vision of a waterfront tourism Center anchored by a Casino operated by the Warm Springs Tribe. During the past year we presented our Vision of Compromise to virtually every governmental entity in the mid-Columbia River Gorge. Guess what, all who have taken a formal position to our proposal, including Hood River County and City, and our state representatives have publicly supported our vision of compromise and this is the vision we have submitted to the governor for his reconsideration. The last thing we as a county need is to clutter the governor's desk, and this public debate with yet another vision, we must be united and get behind the most viable plan.

I would however like to commend Brian for taking what appears to be a lot of time, thought, and effort in developing his vision; as a public official in a small city it makes me feel good when a private citizen takes an idea and puts it into presentation form.

Living on the "West Coast of Hood River County" we historically are not always heard loud and clear so I can understand why our Casino vision has not been seen or understood by most residents of the Gorge. I would like to encourage and invite all Gorge residents to attend some of our City Council meetings not just the ones with casino issues, you might be surprised at how we are working to position our city (yes, there are two Cities in Hood River County) for economic recovery and planned growth.

Roger Freeborn

Mayor, Cascade Locks

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