Thrown off-center by the quest for Archery Zen

Staff archer sounds off

I failed miserably at being "one with the arrow" at a recent Appleknocker Bowmen indoor shoot in Odell. To be perfectly honest, I didn't really even understand the logic behind that directive from the Archery Zen Masters in charge of my biweekly training sessions.

How was I supposed to relate to a stick that had pink and white fletchings glued onto it? What did the two of us have in common? I just couldn't envision myself being shot from a bow and zinging headfirst into a target bale without cringing.

I wondered why I wasn't allowed to just bond with my bow since it simply had the responsibility to fling the arrow into space and then watch the result from a safe distance. With that line of thought came the sudden realization that I am very proud of my beautiful bow but don't harbor the same appreciation for my rather mundane arrows.

And they apparently are very aware of that fact. Or they are trying to avoid dealing with that reality by continually veering left of the bull's-eye -- which is perhaps the center of truth in Archery Zen?

I now need therapy when all I wanted to do was shoot straight. I did manage to get off a few great shots when I assumed my "Xena" stance, so maybe that is how the "one with the arrow" thing starts to evolve.

Seriously, I am honing my archery skills at the Appleknocker member shoots from 6:45-8:45 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday through February in the Mid-Valley Elementary School gymnasium.

My aim (pun intended) is twofold; to enjoy a good time in an individualized sport and to win a trophy at one of this year's competitions. I wish I'd known about the educational value of archery when my two sons were younger because it is great for hand-and-eye coordination and definitely sets the stage for quality interaction.

The Appleknockers are now holding their annual membership drive, with a discount given to individuals who join the 70-member group before March 1. It's worth checking out and Roy Nellermoe, Appleknocker president, is pretty sharp about answering any archery questions you might wing his way. He can be targeted at 354-1007.


RaeLynn Gill is also looking forward to becoming one with her computer keyboard.

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