2002 Ford Gorge Games results

Men’s Freestyle Windsurfing

1. Mitch Gingrich, The Dalles

2. Web Pedrick, Mosier

3. Chris Audsley, Great Britain

Women’s Freestyle Windsurfing

1. Nori Hubbs, Ottawa, Canada

2. Tamira Wagonfeld, Hood River

3. Jennifer Henderson, Paia, Hawaii

Men’s Blowout (Windsurfing)

1. Bruce Peterson, Hood River 1:09:33

2. Dale Cook, Hood River 1:51:53

3. Jose Gruart 2:10:55

Men’s Blowout (Kiteboarding)

1. Chris Gilbert 1:02:51

2. Cory Roeseler, Hood River 58:15 (penalty)

3. Adam Koch 1:07:12

Women’s Blowout (Kiteboarding)

1. Renee Hanks, 1:19:40

2. Julie Prochaska, Hood River 1:30:09

Men’s Freestyle Kiteboarding

1. Mark Doyle, White Salmon, Wash.

2. Martin Vari, Buenos Aires

3. Jeff Tobias (origin unvailable)

Women’s Freestyle Kiteboarding

1. Cindy Mosey, New Zealand

2. Renee Hanks, Stevenson, Wash.

3. Dana Pinto, Santa Cruz, Calif.

Men’s H2H Kayaking

1. Steve Fisher, Montreal, Quebec

2. Eric Jackson, Glen Echo, Md.

3. Brad Ludden, Vail, Colo.

Women’s H2H Kayaking

1. Shannon Carroll, Raleigh, N.C.

2. Nicola Kelly, New Zealand

3. Brooke Winger, Eugene

Men’s 10K Trail Run

1. Cam Dauler, Hood River 41:33

2. Tom St. Clair 41:58

3. Greg Gustafson 42:06

Women’s 10K Trail Run

1. Christy Paul, Hood River 45:15

2. Heather Laurance, Parkdale 48:39

3. Mandy Giblin 50:20

Men’s Half-Marathon

1. Brent Roeger 1:20:43

2. Paul Curran 1:24:25

3. Willy Hicks 1:25:10

Women’s Half-Marathon

1. Jenny Wong 1:39:26

2. Jenny Knight 1:45:44

3. Micah Lowe 1:47:59

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