Planners discuss streams, Parkdale-Odell land use

Update on Hood River Watershed Group

The monthly meeting of the Hood River Watershed Group will be held Tuesday at 7 p.m., in the Extension Office meeting room, 2990 Experiment Station Rd., Hood River.

Mike Benedict, Hood River County Planning Director, will discuss the issues involved in updating the Statewide Goal 14 concerning rural unincorporated communities of Odell and Parkdale.

This Goal examines urban boundaries, allowable land use and lot sizes, and planning standards for road, drainage and water facilities. Benedict will also talk about the the County’s workplan to update stream corridor protection under statewide Goal 5.

Jennifer Donnelly, City of Hood River Planning Department, will talk about the City’s work to update their stream corridor, wetlands and wildlife habitat protection under Goal 5.

Also on the agenda are updates about the Powerdale Dam removal and power plant decommissioning plan and other local natural resource issues.

The county is updating zoning and other regulations for these two communities and other rural areas in the county. As part of the project, the county will prepare rural community plans for Odell and Parkdale. Plans will specify community boundaries, allowable lot sizes, land uses and other planning requirements; ability of public facilities to serve land uses; and standards for future public improvements such as roads, water and sewer facilities. Participants at the meetings will be asked to review information and proposed future planning requirements for these areas.

The new zoning and development regulations will need to comply with state requirements but are not expected to differ substantially from the existing plan and zoning ordinances. At the same time, this process is an opportunity for community residents and landowners to suggest changes in zoning regulations to meet future community needs.

The Watershed Group is a forum of landowners, irrigation districts, interested citizens, Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation, and government agencies involved in land and natural resource use in the Hood River Valley.

All interested individuals are welcome. For more information call Holly Coccoli, Watershed Group Coordinator at 386-2275.

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