Special Olympians perform well at regional meet


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On Oct. 26, nine athletes from the Hood River area competed in the Special Olympics Regional Competition at the Mount Hood Aquatic Center.

The competition was broken into two categories, developmental events and traditional events. The athletes who participated in the developmental events were Michael Hourston, who won gold medals in the 10 meter assisted swim and the 15-meter walk; and Mariah Langer who won a gold medal in the 15 meter walk and the 15 meter flotation race.

“The developmental race swimmers were so proud of themselves and their accomplishments,” said coach Cheryl Keller.

Participants in the traditional events were Meredith Mitchell, Tanya Tansley, Katie Tager, Kim Tindall, AnaLinda Orlickas, Josh Breedlove and Eric Foxley.

Gold medals were awarded to Mitchell in the 25 meter backstroke and the 50 meter freestyle, Tager in the 25 meter freestyle, Orlickas in the 100 meter freestyle and the 50 meter backstroke, and Foxley in the 50 meter freestyle.

A silver medal was awarded to Tindall in the 25 meter freestyle. Bronze medals were awarded to Tansley in the 25 meter freestyle and Tindall in the 25 meter backstroke.

Athletes receiving participants ribbons were Tansley, Tager and Breedlove in the 25 meter backstroke, Breedlove in the 25 meter freestyle, and Foxley in the 50 meter backstroke.

The women’s 100 meter freestyle relay team, which took a gold medal, consisted of Orlickas, Mitchell, Tager and Tindall.

Coaching the team was Keller, Dr. Mike Pendleton, J.C. Whitesides and Carole Schmidt.

“Regionals were so much fun,” said Keller. “The athletes had a great time.”

The team will be going to the state-level meet on Nov. 15 at the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District Aquatic Center


Swimming coach Cheryl Keller personally thanked Kerrits Activewear for donating swimsuits to the women on the team. “We really appreciate all the support we get from the community,” she said.

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