CRWD files campaign finance report late

The Citizens for Responsible Waterfront Development failed to meet the pre-election report deadlines for two financial reports.

However, on Friday morning, Cory Roeseler, CRWD treasurer, remedied at least part of the problem by filing a disclosure statement of contributions and expenditures. His records show one contribution of $750 from a Chicago, Ill., couple and a total balance of $1,872. Roeseler said he is researching how the last reported amount of $777 from 1995 climbed to $1,122 at the start of the 2003 campaign for Measure 14-16. The required annual summaries due each September to show changes in that fund were not filed by CRWD.

Roeseler said the group had nothing to report on Sept. 29, the deadline for the first report, because there had been no monetary movement on the current campaign. Measure 14-16 seeks to have the city create a policy establishing a park on the Port of Hood River-owned waterfront.

“Yes, we are in violation but how important is it if there were no contributions?” asked Roeseler.

Oregon Campaign Finance Manager Fred Neal said because city voters will decide the ballot measure all official campaign reports have to be submitted to Hood River City Recorder Jean Hadley. Neal said the financial penalties for failure to disclose the required information start with one percent per day on the greater balance of contributions or expenditures. The second violation raises that limit to three percent. That amount graduates even higher if a group does not report the names of single contributors of $500 or more and expenditures of $1,000 or higher to any single source on both Oct. 27 and Oct. 31. A post-election wrap-up report is also due on Dec. 4.

“The purpose of these penalties is to provide motive for political action committees to file timely account reports because the public has the right to know where the money is coming from and how it is being spent,” Neal said.

Felix Tomlinson, cofounder of the Results Through Representative Government, said RTRG’s “meticulous” disclosure statement this week lists the names of all 93 contributors, even those who gave only $10, and shows a cash balance of about $5,200.

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