Continuity pays off for Squrl

November 19, 2005

Gorge resident, music promoter and motorcycle speed freak Steve “Squrl” Curley recently capped off a summer-long Oregon Motorcycle Road Racer’s Association series (held at the Portland International Raceway) with a first place finish in the 450cc Supersport category and a third place finish in the Lightweight Superbike category in the final race of the series.

The finishes were enough to propel Curley to first place overall in both classes, as well as 20th out of 252 total racers.

“I’m stoked to win it,” Curley said. “I’ve been riding motorcycles for 30 years and racing bikes is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s all about the fun.”

The fun won Curley a big trophy and even bigger bragging rights for the rest of the winter.

And the bragging rights for Curley are especially valuable since he was not always the fastest guy on the track.

“There were a couple guys who were usually faster than me, but they didn’t show up to every race like I did.” Like most kinds of motorsport circuits, the overall winner isn’t always the first place winner every individual race. Continuity pays off, as racers can earn points for every finish.

Curley’s already thinking about next season, when he may swap racing his Kawasaki EX 500 for a bigger, faster single-cylinder 600cc bike.

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