Letters - June 1

Out in left field

In a recent letter to the editor, the writer quoted some of Bill Moyers’ latest speech. Hmmmmm. That’s illuminating. You see, Bill prides himself on being the champion of unfair and unbalanced commentary. His asinine assault of Condoleezza Rice after she became Secretary of State was outrageous. He proclaimed all she ever did was wrong! No exceptions. Do you think Bill would be fair enough to mention how she prevailed as a black child despite a lot of hardship that included having to fight discrimination? No way! Bill couldn’t do that because she’s not out there in left field with him.

William H. Davis, Jr.

Hood River

Liberals for America

In response to Cliff Mansfield in the May 25 “Our Readers Write.”

You, like many right wingers, make a lot of accusations without using many facts. The myth of the liberal media is one of the many “big lies” of the neoconservative movement. True, there are some liberal newspapers, as there should be. Liberals make up half the country, don’t we have a right to voice our opinion? There are also conservative newspapers as well, and that is as is should be, as well. An informed news consumer would want to hear both sides before making any decision.

As far as network TV news being liberal, no way. TV has consistently underreported scandals associated with the current resident of the White House. If they were truly liberal would they have spent the eight years of the Clinton administration reporting, over and over, the pseudo scandals put out by the neoconservatives, which in hindsight turned out to be “smoke and mirrors.” How many Americans remember President Clinton was acquitted in his impeachment trial?

You complain that TV news is anti business, but I think if you look, ever national news broadcast contains a “Business” section yet I never see a “Labor” section.

The University of Wisconsin School of Media did a study just before the recent Presidential election and found that a majority of Bush supporters believed that weapons of mass destruction were found and that Iraq was instrumental in planning and carrying out the 9/11 attacks, both of which are false. Sadly, the right wing is misinformed.

I don’t understand why you say you are anti-liberal. You agree with us on abortion, unions, and being pro-America. I know many liberals who hunt and fish and many who own a business. So what are you against? Join us and help America move forward. We need more informed citizens to speak out. Show your patriotism by helping the liberal movement fight corruption, bigotry and ignorance.

Richard de la Tour

Hood River

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