Letters - June 29

A draft solution

The Republican controlled House of Representatives in order to cover up their failed military/political showmanship in Iraq has taken the first step in creating what might become a flag burning amendment to the constitution.

This is just another display of fake patriotism by a group that almost to the man has never been bothered to serve our country in uniform. If these supposed representatives of the people truly believe that their present war is necessary for the survival of our country they should willingly put the welfare of their own families on the line.

I urge Greg Walden to sponsor, and promote until passed, a constitutional amendment that would require at least one son, daughter, or other close relative of all congressmen, senators, presidents, and cabinet members to immediately enter the ground forces of this country in any and all times of military conflict. Such relatives should be required to enter the service at the rank of private and they could not be given any preferential treatment including politically motivated promotions.

For our truly hawkish leaders, they themselves could of course volunteer to enter the ground services as privates in lieu of the forced enlistment of their offspring. I can’t help but believe that this form of selective draft would have kept our country out of most, if not all, questionable military conflicts we have entered into over the last 60 years.

Jim Denton

Mt. Hood


A note of thanks to:

The Northwest Taekwon-Do Association and Master Gary Muma 7th DAN; Sr. Instructor Jeremy Schultz 4th DAN; George Evans 3rd DAN; Aaron Jubitz 2nd DAN; Mark Day 2nd DAN; Ann Maslen 2nd DAN; Susan Tibke 2nd DAN.

Thanks for their time and efforts on the behalf of the students who tested for belt advancement on Friday, June 17, at the Northwest Taekwon-Do Association at 1203 12th St. in Hood River.

The self-discipline, work ethic and focus you are teaching are indispensable to the developing martial arts student. The Northwest Taekwon-Do Association is a valuable resource to our community.

Kevin Donald

Hood River

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