Letters - May 21

Kudos, condolences

While I am not a lifelong resident of Hood River County, I have resided here long enough to remember what it was like before so many came to the valley professing that they liked the way of life here but were intent in changing that way of life to make it “better” for those that had managed quite well without outside intervention.

With that said I would like to offer my congratulations to Don Hosford, Fred Duckwall, and Kathy Watson on their re-election, and my condolences to Dr. Lars Bergstrom, Cory Roeseler, and Craig Marquardo.

Harry Adams Sr.

Hood River

‘Get ’er done’

The community spoke with the pencil and made clear that jobs are important in their minds. The Port Commission had been backed but the “recreational voice” was also heard. Hopefully those who ran against the incumbents now realize there is a county that has interests in the Port for more than a playground. The existing Port Commission was correct in working for job creation so those of us outside the city can see chances for our kids and ourselves to replace jobs lost to timber and declining profits in the fruit industry. That is not to say that many in the city don’t feel the same way.

I only hope that those who have done their best to stop progress on the Port will now at least recognize that they are not the majority. Their voice should still be heard but perhaps now the personal attacks and pettiness that has plagued the Port body will end and they will work WITH instead of AGAINST the will of the people. Recreation should not be forgotten, but a balance that has been projected should become reality.

My hat’s off to the Commissioners that have “stayed the course” on our whole county’s behalf (yes, that includes Cascade Locks.) Now you can “get ’er done!”

John Alley

Hood River

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