New Measure 37 claims cross county desk

May 18, 2005

Five new Measure 37 claims have been filed with Hood River County since the beginning of May.

To date, a total of 22 landowners have asked for a waiver of land-use regulations since the new law went into effect on Dec. 2. The latest claims, like those before them, seek either restored development rights or compensation for lowered market value. The growing Measure 37 list includes these filings that were submitted this month:

* William Frost seeks to construct one residence on 30 acres of farm land located along Miller Road. He acquired the land in August of 1988 and a county ordinance prohibited the construction of a dwelling in January of 1996. In lieu of that restriction being waived, he requests $164,580 in compensation.

* Wayne and Melanie Perkins want to divide their 17.4 acre farm land on Trout Creek Ridge Road into two buildable lots. That development was allowed conditionally at the time they purchased the property in 1977 (the deed has been in his family since 1948). If the county chooses not to change the zoning designation, the Perkins would like a minimum of $400,000 in compensation.

* Lyle McAlexander has filed two separate claims. One for 50.37 acres of farm land along Trout Creek Ridge Road that he has owned since 1974 and an additional 41.23 acres off Dee Highway that he acquired in 1977. He wants to divide the first parcel into 10 buildable lots and the second into eight five-acre parcels. If the county opts not to waive its restrictions on development, McAlexander is asking for a combined total of $5.4 million in compensation.

* John Paulin seeks to carve two parcels from his 15-acre forest property along Baldwin Creek Drive into 2.5 acre lots. He acquired the land in 1976 and was allowed that use until county restrictions were enacted in 1980. In lieu of that prohibition being lifted, he is asking for $400,000 in compensation.

* Jan Forum has petitioned to split 19.97 acres of farm land along Lippman Road into 2.5 acre lots. That use was allowed at the time the property was acquired and removed in April of 1978 when the county enacted a development restriction. If the prior zoning is not restored, Forum would like $85,000 for each of the potential new parcels.

The Hood River County Commission must process these claims by November or the landowners can take their case to court and seek redress of attorney fees.

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