Aryan rally

CL Port should have looked closer

August 20, 2005

The white supremacists are coming to Cascade Locks.

Saturday will be a sad day for the community. Cascade Locks citizens love their community, are working hard to improve it, and now this.

Any association with hate-mongers is cause for great concern. Cascade Locks Port and City officials would like for Saturday’s concert and rally by the so-called “Volksfront” group to go away, or at least for attention to fade. The organization has the right to express themselves, no matter how offensive their beliefs, but the Port should have told them they should express themselves somewhere else. The citizens of Cascade Locks have since told their leaders they do not want bigots gathering in their community.

We wish the Volksfront group had never been allowed to come at all to the peaceful and forward-thinking town of Cascade Locks. Port officials should have shown more diligence in checking out the group; the applicants’ taint is all over the Internet. Port director Chuck Daughtry says the group’s representative portrayed it as a milder organization than it is, but phrases such as “displaced white farmers” should have been a red flag. A small amount of checking would have revealed their true nature.

Cascade Locks officials should have shown them the door. They should have told them this: the real folks who count, the people of Cascade Locks, do not want you here.

We hope that once the Volksfront people hold their rally, they just go home and keep their locked minds behind their own locked doors.

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