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August 3, 2005

The Columbia Gorge Earth Center continues its summer film and lecture series Thursday with the lecture “Biodiesel: Why and How.” Local expert Alex Yasbeck will explore the big picture of fuel options and explain the role and appeal of biodiesel, and why and how you can use biodiesel to meet your own home and transportation fuel needs. He will demonstrate how to make this “wonder fuel” from vegetable oil, and will bring his biodiesel car. Please help the CGEC foster the beginnings of a biodiesel co-op.

The films and lectures will be held Thursdays at 7 p.m. through September at the Gorge Rebuild-It Center, 995 Tucker Road, in Hood River. (Visit for information about the GRC.) There is a suggested donation of $5. For more information about the summer series, contact Tara Johnston at (541) 386-5562 or visit

Coming up next in the series:

Aug. 11 — Film: “The True Cost of Food.” The Organic Consumers Association put together this rallying film to educate consumers about how they can choose to not support the mass-agribusiness that is destroying our communities, soil, water, air, and health. It explores the true costs of the food we eat and the industry that supports its production. Come learn how to do your part in eating more “sustainably,” and how to buy local and organic. CGEC will provide resources of local Gorge growers and food processors to get you started.

Aug 18 — Film: “Permaculture in an Urban Setting.” Bill Mollison, the father of Permaculture, explores how to apply permaculture principles in what seems to be a challenging setting: the city. In this lighthearted and inspiring film series, “The Global Gardener,” Mollison walks the listener through the theories of permaculture and projects where those theories have been applied. Join in a lively discussion afterward, to help integrate permaculture into our own towns.

Aug. 25 — Lecture: “Passive Solar Sunspaces.” Mark Williams will lead the listener through the principles of passive solar design and how it can be integrated into new and existing homes.

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