Letters - Sept. 10

Continue Inn tours

I recently had the opportunity to take a tour of Cloud Cap Inn led by Ron Kikel and Jane Dooley of the Hood River Ranger Station. For years I have wanted to tour this historical treasure and I know members of the Crag Rats allow people passing through the area to come inside if they are at the Inn, which is a very generous offer. I was always hesitant of interrupting important Crag Rat business while hiking, snowshoeing or skiing nearby.

This is why I appreciated the organized tour led by Forest Service personnel who have studied the history and archaeology of the Inn and conducted interviews with Crag Rat members and others knowledgeable about the history of this location.

While not wanting to inundate the Inn or Crag Rats with a mob of visitors (the Forest Service limits the tour group size and number of hours) I encourage the Forest Service to continue these tours in the future so others can learn of the historical value of Cloud Cap Inn and the entire Tilly Jane area in order to preserve this section of the mountain in its undeveloped state for future generations.

Kathleen Welland


Blame Mom Nature

Karen Donahue (Our Readers Write, Sept. 7) is getting pretty upset when talking about the masses of humanity displaced, uprooted and left with everything they owned gone through the fury of the natural catastrophe we now call Katrina. I am sure we all are deeply saddened by the suffering of those living in the wake of this natural disaster. But let’s not make the mistake of looking for a scapegoat.

Suddenly everybody blames the hurricane on his/her opponent. Rep. (Nancy) Pelosi blames the Republicans, the Republicans blame the Democrats, Mrs. or Ms. Donahue blames the Christian Right, the Senator (Democrat) from Louisiana blames the President (Republican) and everybody, especially the press, blames FEMA.

Nobody, however, mentions Mother Nature, which is a very fickle woman with very unpredictable priorities. Mrs. or Ms. Donahue’s assertion is that the unavailability of abortion, a definite NO for the Christian Right, is to be blamed for the suffering of the masses. First of all, it is, in my unqualified opinion, immoral and definitely wrong to use abortion as a birth control method, and it is murder.

Secondly, with all the different birth-control devices and methods available, even or especially for the so-called poor, it is beyond me how anybody in his/her right mind can blame the suffering of the so-called poor and Mother Nature’s escapades on the lack of abortion possibilities.

Third, there always have been, from the beginning of time, poor, not so poor and rich people. And it will always be that way. Nothing will and can change that fact, no matter how idealistic a person intends to be.

Peter von Oppel

Hood River

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