Letters - September 3

CL targeted

The front page Hood River News headline “Cascade Locks allows Aryan rally” was off the mark. It should have been “Cascade Locks targeted by racist hate group.”

Review the history of the “No Casino” Web site to understand why a group like this would be attracted to Cascade Locks. The blatantly racist early postings have been placed with tasteless cartoons that personally assault the entire city staff.

Months ago, a small group of out-of-state racist activists attended a Town Hall meeting. They asked to be directed to Richard Randall and the “No Casino” group.

Mr. Randall said in Another Voice that he is proud of his behavior and credits himself for saving our community from “devastation.” Then, he somehow tries to equate this to the resort-casino development. Never mind that this has been six years in the planning, with multiples of opportunity for participation at every stage of planning.

Mr. Randall calls for a more inclusive, more open way to do public business. He attends few meetings. Should there be more for him to avoid? He says he is very concerned about “preserving the long-term economy and quality of life in Cascade Locks.” Hello! We do not have these things to preserve. Our town has been struggling to survive for years and so have many of the families who live here. Mr. Randall has a personal vendetta due to his failed attempts at seeking public office, respect and affirmation.

The city did an excellent job with a bad situation. It was the public that encouraged the use of the Marine Park be expanded. There were several public meetings, unattended by Mr. Randall, to determine what uses would be beneficial to the port and to the city. The event had very little impact on our city, despite considerable effort by Mr. Randall to stir things up. An egomaniac has his fun with the press, we all get stuck with the bill. There’s that pesky First Amendment again!

Thanks to the quick reaction on the part of port officials and the consideration and generosity of the Warm Springs Tribes, the event was relocated to the Warm Springs casino site at the east edge of town, mitigating the impact of Cascade Locks and its citizens.

Sandra Kelley

Cascade Locks

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