Weekend wonders

Getting to the core of where we are

August 17, 2005

One of those weekends ...

It’s okay to set aside the lawn work for awhile this weekend in order to enjoy what people of this valley have to offer.

There are three big events happening in the county this weekend, and all deserve support.

The Neighborhood Fair at Mt. Hood Towne Hall is the inaugural edition, while Gravenstein Days and For the River Day are annual events.

Gravenstein Days goes to the agricultural core of this valley with its numerous events melding fruit, food, music and rural arts. The Neighborhood Fair brings varied classes and demonstrations to one historic place, in an impressive exhibition of neighbors helping and teaching neighbors.

Saturday’s For the River Day is a parade for kids (and anyone else who wants to join in) as well as a benefit for the sponsoring Columbia Riverkeeper.

More than 50 businesses are donating a percentage of their gross sales, a set dollar amount, or a monthly donation to help the non-profit Riverkeeper in its ongoing education and outreach efforts on behalf of the local environment. (Look for “For the River 05-06” decals in windows or turn to page B12 in this edition for a list of participating businesses.)

Riverkeeper’s long-term goal for For the River Day events is a cleaner river that will continue to support a healthy Gorge economy.

It is good that local merchants and this premier environmental group are establishing that connection and acknowledging the multiple values of clean rivers, for it is our local waters that guide all these community events celebrating the wealth of the Hood River Valley.

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