Peterson narrows Gorge Cup gap


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August 16, 2006

Defending Gorge Cup champ Bruce Peterson picked up some ground on Dale Cook with his first win in the 2006 Gorge Cup series on Saturday.

Peterson finished first with 31.3 points to Cook’s 50, trimming 2.1 points off Cook’s lead. The victory places Peterson 3.6 points behind Cook with two more races to go.

“We go back 15 years,” Peterson said. “He and I duke it out on the race course every year.”

Last year, Peterson ran away with the first fleet title. This year he has some work left to do if he wants to repeat as champion.

He tied with Cook in the second completed race in this year’s series. Besides the tie and last Saturday’s victory, Peterson has finished either second or third, and one spot behind Cook, in every race.

“I don’t know how he beat me,” Cook said. “It definitely won’t happen next time.”

Cook works for Peterson at Sailworks and Peterson described Cook as his “friend and protégé.”

However, he also noted that much of this year has been one of the pupil teaching the master... except for this past Saturday, that is.

“Saturday I had my way with him,” Peterson said. “If I can pull out the same kind of performance the last two races, I think I can get him.”

However, Cook is confident that his lead will hold up in the final two races of the year.

“He’s got a lot of ground to go,” Cook said. “We’re friends, but on the course it’s on.”

The next Gorge Cup race is scheduled for Aug. 26.

First fleet standings

1. Dale Cook 24.9

2. Bruce Peterson 28.5

3. Andreas Macke 70.7

4. Jac le Roux 89.6

5. Doug Bearman 92.7

6. Jay Salzman 99.2

7. McRae Wylde 125.2

Second fleet standings

1. Derek Nielson 51.1

2. Bob Schroeder 213.6

3. Alex Nielson 269.6

4. Brett Altmyer 278.2

5. Jay Watermeyer 306.3

6. Glen Reichenbach 320.0

7. Todd Selby 335.9

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