Taekwon-Do girls upgrade black belts


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July 15, 2006

Three Northwest Taekwon-Do students took and passed black belt tests recently. Maggie Goter, who was a first degree black belt, tested up to a second degree senior belt; Erika Maslen, a second degree junior belt, tested up to a second degree senior belt; and Loreto Ramos upgraded from a first degree junior black belt to a first degree senior black belt.

The upgrade from junior to senior status comes when students turn 15 years old. They are then required to perform the adult (senior) board-breaking qualifications when testing. For the three girls, the break requirement was for boards with a Taekwon-Do kick. After all three successfully completed the four-board break, they then performed a flying sidekick break on three boards and a two board break with a hand strike.

With friends, family and fellow students watching the tests, all three girls performed their required breaks in fine form.

Goter, who tested for a full upgrade, also had to demonstrate required black belt forms (Hyung), self-defense weapon sets, a thorough general knowledge exam, and free sparring techniques against one, two and three opponents while showing proper ring strategy and control. Maslen and Ramos aided in Goter’s test by being sparring partners with fellow students Daniella Rich and Victoria Vega.

After successfully completing their testing, the girls were awarded their new senior belts by the black belt council of judges. Master Gary Muma headed the council, and other members were Jeremy Schultz, fourth degree black belt, George Evans, third degree black belt and second degree black belts Aaron Jubiz, Ann Maslen, Susan Tibke and Mark Day.

For Goter and Maslen, the journey toward their third degree black belt will be three years, as the minimum age of a third degree senior black belt is 18 years old. Student Elsie Denton is the sonly female in the school to have that rank, which she attained last year before leaving for college.

Northwest Taekwon-Do trains students ages six and older. Master Muma, who runs the school, is a seventh degree black belt and a student of Korean Grand Master Hona Sik Kim.

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