Thief leaves junk mail trail to crime


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March 1, 2006

Numerous mailboxes on the west side of Hood River were ransacked by an unknown thief last weekend.

Hood River County Sheriff Detective Gerry Tiffany is urging residents along May Drive, Frankton Road, Riordan Hill Drive and Post Canyon Drive to be extra vigilant. He is concerned that some individuals may become the victims of identity theft.

“If you were expecting to receive a check or were sending one you need to make sure that you either got it or it arrived at the right place,” he said.

Tiffany said early Sunday morning Deputy Brian Rockett was on patrol and noticed an unusual amount of junk mail discarded along the side of the road. He observed that the mailing addresses on the correspondence were different.

Upon further investigation, Rockett found that the doors of many mail boxes in the area had been left open. He surmised that a mail thief had probably been at work during the previous night.

“We don’t know exactly how many people might have been hit by this crime or exactly what could have been taken. So, we are asking anyone who suspects that they might be missing important information — such as a credit card application — to give us a call,” said Tiffany, who can be reached at 387-6846.

He recommends that, with identity theft on the rise, residents in outlying areas consider investing in a locking mail box, which is more difficult for a thief to target.

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