South Wasco defense shuts down Horizon girls


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January 24, 2007

Faced with the same late night turnaround as their male counterparts, the Horizon girls had plenty of chances to stay with the South Wasco Redsides but had things go wrong at the worst possible times as South Wasco picked up a 43-18 win.

Jacque Mellow led the Hawks with 11 points but the Redsides were able to hold Laura Yates to 2 points while getting 17 points from Annie Larlee and 12 points from Hailey Hauser.

Neither team could find much offensive consistency early on, but in the second quarter the Hawks began turning the ball over repeatedly and then could not take advantage of the shots they did get as the Redsides built a 29-6 halftime lead.

After the disastrous second quarter the Hawks began to control the ball better but still could not score consistently going into the final quarter.

Jacque Mellow single-handedly kept the Hawks alive in the fourth quarter as she scored 8 of her 11 points and came up with several steals to keep the final score respectable.

“They really showed pride in the fourth quarter,” Coach Amanda Bellus said of her team’s effort and ability to keep fighting as the game wound to a close.

“Turnovers killed us tonight,” she added. “Their press was really rough.”

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