HRVHS swimmers get split in final meet

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February 3, 2007

The Hood River Valley High School boys’ swim team got a win in its final meet of the regular season, defeating Sandy 85-75. The girls’ side fell 103-67.

“The kids did well,” Coach Jane Nichols said. “We worked them hard this week.”

Nichols praised her whole team for a great season and said at this meet the boys swimming the 100 butterfly – Zed Debbaut, Henry Hunt and Kyle Donahue – stood out as they finished 1-2-3 in the event.

The meet was the final one for senior swimmers Elliot Daggett, Zed Debbaut, Sarah DeSitter, Mary Feeley, Sarah Lee, Alisa Logsdon, Jazmin Marroquin, Fatima Valle and Yolanda Ledezma.

The team will now spend the next week getting ready for districts and Nichols has high hopes for getting swimmers qualified for states in several events.

“We are hoping for the 100 free, 100 breast, 50 free, and 200 freestyle relay for the boys and the 200 free and 100 breast for the girls,” she said.



200 Medley Relay

DeSitter-Logsdon-S. Marroquin-Valle 2:22.31-2

Feeley-Brunk-Pierce-Kao 2:37.08-4

200 Free

Erin Jones 2:01.40-1

Sarah Lee 2:24.68-5

Taylor Miller 2:24.24-4

200 IM

Sarah DeSitter 2:44.87-2

Selva Marroquin 2:56.08-3

Rebecca Gehrman 2:58.08-5

50 Free

Katie Nelson 29.08-2

Jazmin Marroquin 331.44-4

Zoe Kao 32.12-5

100 Butterfly

Selva Marroquin 1:20.74-3

Danielle Shames 1:29.46-4

Shelby Flem 1:46.56-6

100 Free

Fatima Valle 1:02.34-2

Katie Nelson 1:05.84-4

Jazmin Marroquin 1:08.27-5

400 Free

Sarah Lee 6:26.08-3

Taylor Miller 6:59.18-5

Danielle Shames 7:05.40-6

200 Freestyle relay

Jones-Nelson-Lee-Valle 1:55.40-2

Kao-Gehrman-J. Marroquin-Miller 2:10.18-3

Zanmiller-Ledezma-Holmson-Butler 2:25.84-5

100 Back

Mary Feeley 1:35.08-4

Shelby Flem 1:42.50-5

100 Breast

Erin Jones 1:13.90

Sarah DeSitter 1:25.81-4

Alisa Logsdon 1:27.22-5

400 Freestyle Relay

Valle-Nelson-Lee-Jones 4:21.24-2

Gehrman- S. Marroquin-J. Marroquin-Miller 4:46.72-3

Kao-Pierce-Shames-Zanmiller 5:15.34-5


200 Medley Relay

P.Debbaut -Z.Debbaut-Hunt-Coxen 1:47.18-1

200 Free

Cory Coxen 1:59.59-3

Kyle Donahue 2:09.24-4

Spencer McClure 2:37.58-6

200 IM

Peter Debbaut 2:10.72-1

Matt Winkle 2:30.74-3

50 Free

Zed Debbaut 23.37-1

Elliot Daggett 49.12-4

100 Butterfly

Zed Debbaut 59.74-1

Henry Hunt 1:02.02-2

Kyle Donahue 1:03.84-3

100 Free

Peter Debbaut 52.62-1

Spencer McClure1:10.90-4

400 Free

Luke MacMillan 7:34.87-4

200 Freestyle relay

Z. Debbaut-Hunt-Coxen-P. Debbaut 1:36.08-1

Daggett-Donahue-Walden-McClure 1:57.14-4

100 Back

Matt Winkle 1:04.27-1

100 Breast

Cory Coxen 1:07.55-1

Elliot Daggett 1:13.74-2

400 Freestyle relay

Hunt-McClure-Donahue-Winkle 4:00.31-1

Clarke-Daggett-MacMillan-Walden 5:12-87-4

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