Ben's Babbles: Snowy day can't keep the Eagles from play

April 9, 2011

Oh April, I just finished saying such nice things about you last week.

As March went away I'd hoped that April would be better, weather-wise.

I was very, very wrong.

Due to the deluge during the entire month of March baseball and softball teams have been desperate to schedule games.

I have completely lost track of who's supposed to be playing whom where and when after March.

So we get to April and things should improve, right? Wrong.

On Tuesday the HRV and Milwaukie softball teams started out the first few minutes of their game under clear skies. Then it got windy. Then cloudy. Then rainy. And then it started snowing.

Umpire Joe Wampler gathered the coaches together as snow flurries swirled around the players on the field. Determined to get in a full game, the teams played on.

Once the game became official after the top of the fifth, Wampler gathered the coaches again. Again, they decided to keep playing.

With puddles on the infield, the skies growing ever darker in the background, players trying desperately to keep their hands from freezing and a snow drift mounting near the pitchers circle - only kidding about that last part, but just barely - they played on.

That is how desperate teams have become to play an actual game at this point in the season.

Last year when the Eagles were in the Mt. Hood Conference, the Portland-based schools would switch the game location for games earlier in the season and bring their team to Hood River to beat an approaching storm.

Sometimes it worked, and other times the team drove an hour for no reason.

There has not been much driving and turning around for non-league games this season - mainly because the weather has been so bad there has been no point to even starting the bus.

That has made things incredibly tough for teams like the Eagles. While the Eagles are still scrambling for non-league games, many schools are already in league season.

The nightmare scenario that so many were expecting during the basketball season has come to pass - a few months later.

The Eagles are trying to find games wherever they can. The Milwaukie game was not on the softball team's original schedule and neither was a game Monday for the HRV baseball team against Union of Vancouver.

However, at this point, when your teams can barely manage to get on the field you take whatever you can get.

So the Eagles played on through snow, sleet, rain and hail Wednesday afternoon, and in this wet and wild spring season, that's just going to have to be the way things go.

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