Burglar caught red handed on Oak Street

July 2, 2011

An Oak Street woman came home Thursday night and found a man in her house. A second resident fought briefly with the 18-year-old suspect as he ran out of the house.

Abraham M. Magana, of Portland, was arrested about 20 minutes later at Industrial and Wasco a few blocks north of the home, in the 1200 block of Oak.

Acting Police Chief Sgt. Neal Holste said the woman came home at 8:39 p.m. and noticed items had been moved around.

"The homeowner came into the house, went into a room and noticed all her items stacked on the bed, thought it was kind of odd, and she started collecting the items," Holste said.

The woman, 26, turned around and saw the suspect, in a black hoodie and pair of jeans, and "verbally confronted him," Holste said. The suspect allegedly told the woman he "wanted to hang out and crash in her house," but when she noticed several items in his hands he fled out the front door.

Holste said a male, age 46, who lives in the home, arrived and confronted the suspect as he was running out, "actually grabbing him."

"A few blows" were exchanged, he said. The suspect got away and headed north. Magana is listed as 5-9, 158 pounds.

In addition to the items, Magana allegedly took "a substantial amount of money" from the home, which had been left unlocked, according to Holste.

In addition, the security tag was still on the hoodie, which allegedly he stole from a Hood River shop earlier in the day.

Officer Aaron Jubitz and Deputy Mark Smith of Hood River County Sheriff were searching the area near Industrial and Wasco when Jubitz noticed someone sitting in the grass, reading a magazine, with some objects nearby.

Jubitz approached the man, determined it was Magana, and he and Smith cuffed and arrested him.

"He admitted to taking some of the items from that house he had just left," Holste said.

Magana was booked at NORCOR on the charges of first degree burglary, third degree robbery and second degree theft.

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