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January 7, 2009

This year will be different. In fact, I’d like 2009 to be at least 12 times different than last year. Or even better. Let’s make it 12 times different than my entire life up to this point. There’s 12 months in a year, right? Let’s call them opportunities to see something different.

You see, over my lifetime, I have saved just about every single ticket stub or wrist-band to every concert, show, festival, fest, event, fair, museum, movie, amusement park or other attraction. My collection certainly isn’t all-inclusive, I mean, how do you save a “hand-stamp”? Anyway, I’ve decided that if I’m going to keep collecting this stuff, I’m going to get as much as a well-rounded collection as I can.

So this year, let’s go see a dozen bands that I’ve never seen before.

This won’t be easy. I’ve seen a lot of shows. And that’s a lot of bands with a lot of performers. I guess what really got me thinking about doing this was the news last month of the death of drummer Mitch Mitchell, who played for Jimi Hendrix. That led me to thinking about the musicians that I have seen, who unfortunately aren’t around anymore. It seemed like the list was going on and on.

I thought to myself, if I had been paying attention, I could have gone to see Mr. Mitchell. I mean, he was right next door in Portland. I love seeing people who have played with legendary people. It seems to make a connection that in some small way, I too get to “see” who they worked with, even though it’s just through the music.

So, my rules are simple. 12 shows in 12 months. It can’t be any band I’ve already seen. Ever. And we’ll keep you posted, right here on the web.

But, I’ve already got my first “technicality.” I’d like to say that I’ll be able to start this process on Jan. 8. But, I can’t. Even though we bought the tickets months ago, and the show was supposed to happen in September of 2008, and then due to a touring schedule conflict the show got rescheduled, it’s still not going to count. You know who’s playing on the 8th, at the Rose Garden, right? (Ok, fine, go “google” it).

You see, I’ve already seen him. According to my ticket stub, it was Aug. 21, 1992. Madison Square Garden. GREAT SHOW.

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