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Welcome to Jim Drake's music blog project for 2011!

Listen to Jim Drake's local music show on Hood River's Radio Tierra, 95.1 FM, with a new show every other Thursday, starting March 3, at 6:30 p.m.

Each show is about an hour.

Some shows may be repeated the following week, but I should have 2-3 new programs a month.

Eventually, I hope to have shows archived on the web for podcast download on the Radio Tierra website. http://radiotierra.org/

The show will feature music from my personal collection (and believe me, I've got a lot of CDs) of bands from right here in the Gorge. I’ll also play bands that have stopped by to play for us over the years.

Tune in, and enjoy some songs from folks you probably know. Or, sit back and discover new music.

The show is always a fun, relaxed trip through the Gorge's musical archives.


Play List

Sam Hill (I Told You So)

Lincoln Crockett (Gone Away)

Victor Johnson (Mystery)

Onehum-Richard Tillinghast (Ghost Ship)

Hillstomp (Roustabout)

Nancy Cook (We’re Only Dancing Tonight)

Stephanie Schneiderman (First Crack)

April Verch (Monarch)

Jack Straw (Potter’s Creek)

Hit & Run Bluegrass Band (Home is Where I’ll Ever Be)

Scotland Barr & the Slow Drags (Legionnaires’ Disease)


Play List

The Gourds (Fossil Contender)

The Ultronz (Housesitter)

Clint Colbert (Outside My Window)

4th Plane Jaiant (Timing)

Kate Gaffney (What Kind of Man)

Eleven Eyes (Late Rent)

Blue Trick (We Don’t Know)

John Bunzow (Straight Into the Sun)

The Cascade Trio (Bigfoot Lives!)

Joe Craven (In the Pines)

The Strange Tones (Lock Me Up)


Play List

The Mother Hips (White Falcon Fuzz)

New Monsoon (Copper Mine)

The Clumsy Lovers (Pigeon on the Gate)

Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer (Tillman County)

Eric John Kaiser (La Ruee Vers L’Or)

Mark Hummel (Nickles & Dimes)

Spruce Baugher (Hell & Gone)

Moe Dixon (Bright Side of the Blue)

Laddie Ray Melvin (Something True)

Casey Neill Trio (Okanogan County)

Django’s Cadillac (Formosa Please)

Jackson Browne (Casino Nation)

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