Volcanic Bottle Shoppe expands

12th Street business highlights energy on Heights

Abe Stevens and Amanda Goeke opened Volcanic Bottle Shoppe about two years ago, at a time when opening a new business was even riskier than usual.

Then again, maybe it wasn’t such a risky move. The over-21 population around town has a distinct penchant for hop-laden craft beverages after all, highlighted by the unofficial but popular statistics that Hood River has more breweries per capita than any other town in America.

“Amanda and I had been working in town for about a year when we both lost our jobs,” Stevens said. “I had seen a similar bottle shop in Eugene and it seemed obvious that a place like that would work in Hood River. We decided to give it a shot. So far it has been working well for us.”

Business has been good enough that the small 12th Street location will be about twice as big when an expansion project is completed in a few weeks. The expansion will take over an empty space to the south of the building, where a mortgage lender and a salon held offices for a short time.

“When we rented the space originally, we knew there would be the possibility of expanding next door in the future,” Stevens said. “A year and a half later we were running out of space and the unit was open, so we went for it.”

The expansion, expected to be finished the first week of May, will provide more seating and a bigger bar.

“It’s still a relatively small area, but the extra space is going to make a big difference when we have music and events,” Stevens said. “Right now there’s really not much room; the place gets packed pretty easy.”

Volcanic Bottle Shoppe, located at 1410 12th St., is a 21-and-over establishment that specializes in carrying a wide selection of imported and craft beers and wine, available for both carry-out or consumption on-premises. In addition to the current street-front space and the future expansion, the shop also has an enclosed courtyard area for outdoor seating.

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