The care and feeding of plants and people

Before the goat judging started, before the first elephant ear was fried, before the first award-winning gladiolas dropped a petal, Teresa Seal and her crew were hard at work preparing for fair.

On the Monday before fair started, Seal, groundskeeping crew chief, said her workers have been busy and were eager for fair to start.

“It’ll be nice to get it going, get all the ‘pre’ stuff taken care of. There sure is a lot happening here,” Seal said as she prepared taco salad fixings along with Laurie Coreson and Tammy Layton.

Every year, in the Community Building, judges, clerks and other volunteers enjoy lunch and dinner together, as a break from setting up tables, recording textile and horticulture entries, and all the other tasks that happen well before the first fair visitors arrive on Wednesday of fair week. Seal and company put aside the outside tools and took care of things in the kitchen.

“It’s just one of the things we do. It’s fun for us and the volunteers,” Seal said. “We do a lot of things here; all the grounds, and we take care of the flowers.”

Added Layton, “Whatever we’re needed to do.”

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