Windsurfing events draw strong fields

The 2012 U.S. Windsurfing Nationals wrapped up last week with a fourth and final day of competition Thursday afternoon at the Hood River Event Site. Wind and weather proved to be ideal for the event, which featured dozens of top windsurfers competing in slalom, formula and freestyle contests.

Australian-born Phil McGain proved unbeatable in both slalom and formula fields as the former Professional Course Racing World Champion took overall titles in both events ahead of famous Gorge rippers Tyson Poor and Bruce Peterson in slalom and France’s Xavier Ferlet in formula.

In the women’s field, young standout and summertime Hood River resident Fiona Wylde won the junior slalom division title and finished 14th overall, five places ahead of women’s division winner Marion Lepert, also a young up-and-coming standout.

Presented by the American Windsurfing Tour, the event was hailed as a success despite being reorganized at the last minute. The event moves to a different location next year, but organizers expect it to return to Hood River again soon.


Slalom overall

1st Phil McGain

2nd Tyson Poor

3rd Bruce Peterson

4th Casey Hauser

5th MacRae Wylde


1st (14th overall) Fiona Wylde

2nd (17th overall) Ben Grodner

3rd (40th overall) Charlie Linquist


1st (19th overall) Marion Lepert

2nd (21st overall) Ingrid Larouche

3rd (23rd overall) Alyson Fromm

4th (25th overall) Tamara Bockius

5th (27th overall) Shelly Gimbal

Formula overall

1st Phil Mcgain

2nd Xavier Ferlet

3rd Steve Bodner

4th Bruce Peterson

5th Mike Percey


1st (8th overall) Marion Lepert

2nd (21st overall) Shelly Gimbal

3rd (24th overall) Alyson Fromm


1st (25th overall) Charlie Lindquist

2nd (26th overall) Fiona Wylde

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