A rousing cheer for the Hood River High School reunion

Dr. Philip Leveque of Molalla writes:

“Hood River High School had a glorious historic reunion on Aug. 11, with the HRHS auditorium filled beyond capacity with at least 1,000 graduates and their spouses.

“I believe I was the oldest male graduate there, from the Class of 1940. I also believe that I am one of the few HRHS survivors of World War II. I know of two others: my brother, Dr. Charles Leveque of the Class of 1936 (he is 94; our sister is Marianne Fletcher), another is Robert Allegre of the Class of 1937 (He is 93). There could be others but they didn’t show up.

“There were three of us from the Class of 1940 of six known to still be living: Ada Mae Arens and Madeline Wells (maiden name).

“I was a cheerleader in 1940 and they allowed me to lead a rousing cheer 72 years after the last time I was there.

“The outstanding hit of the program was the presentation of an outstanding piece of historical research by John Lamphiear of the Class of 1964. He researched all the way back to the first high school about 1923(?). It was a splendid review and widely appreciated.

“The program was organized by Phil and Sue Hukari, relatives of longtime pioneers of the county. They did an exceptional job. Others who were outstanding were Pastor Mark Allen, Connie Smith (who acted as master of ceremonies) and Dr. William Stewart (former principal). We also had some of the teachers who taught there before the high school was closed in 1970.

“It was a fantastic experience for all. I got the start of my highly successful professional life at HRHS thanks to the teachers.”

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