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We all knew it was just a matter of time. Greg McDaniel is perhaps the most accomplished bowler in town. In fact, he may be one of the best players in the Northwest.

While many of us struggle a bit on the lanes now and then, Greg is always rock-solid. This season, he’s been bowling in a couple of Orchard Lanes’ leagues just to keep sharp. Until this past week, he was carrying a nifty 217 average in both the Monday night Industrial and the Wednesday night Fraternal leagues. That’s a heck of an average in anybody’s book, but Greg has the talent to take that lofty number much higher.

And, the powerful lefty from The Dalles did just that in last week’s Fraternal League action. He started the session with a ho-hum 227, warmed that up a bit to a fine 256 in his second game and then capped things off with a blistering perfect 300 game to finish the night’s work with a mighty fine 783 series.

That scintillating effort elevated him to a 222 average in the league. There are now three guys in town who are carrying averages over 220 pins per game.

In other news, Michael Allen had another splendid week, splintering the sticks in the high-scoring Fraternal where he racked up a super 727 series to take second place on the latest Team of the Week. Michael made the limelight just a couple of weeks ago with a 700 series, so it looks like we’ve got another legitimate star bowler in the making.

Two of our other Team of the Week stars also found the groove in the Fraternal: Jeff Miller fired a 717 and Jeremy Bloom tossed a 696 series. The remaining big shooter on the team is Brandon Kawachi, who tossed a 709 in the Tuesday Nite Mixed. When it comes to posting big numbers, it’s hard to beat the quartet of McDaniel, Miller, Kawachi and Bloom; they are charter members of the who’s who in Hood River bowling.

Good Pro TV matches last Sunday; hope you got to see them. Chris Barnes and Missy Parkin prevailed as the World Bowling Tour champions. Next week is the Cheetah championship on ESPN at 10 a.m. Don’t miss it! Our own city bowling championships will be ongoing this week so we should have the results in our next edition of Kegler’s Corner. Stay tuned, as that will be interesting.

Team of the Week:

Greg McDaniel, 783

Michael Allen, 727

Jeff Miller, 717

Brandon Kawachi, 709

Jeremy Bloom, 696

League highlights

Industrial: Jeff Miller, 677 series; Mac Proffitt, 258 game

Workshirkers: Nancy Asai, 225 game and 632 series

Tuesday Nite Mixed: Brandon Kawachi, 260 game and 709 series; Karen Shortt, 234 game and 551 series

Colts & Fillies: Joe Krug, 200 game and 572 series; Shirley Thornhill, 494 series; Polly Bull, 207 game

Fraternal: Greg McDaniel, 300 game and 783 series; Nancy Asai, 213 game and 585 series

Lads & Lassies: Jim Green, 211 game and 524 series; Marge Meyer, 478 series; Joyce Hert, 185 game

Hood River County: Steve Watt, 593 series; Linda Sanders, 202 game and 493 series; Rod Pratt, 214 game

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