Share the Warmth: a way to give back

What can we all do to help our community during the holidays? Windermere-Glenn Taylor feels that taking care of each other is the most important action anyone can take.

In that spirit, Share the Warmth was started quite literally to share the warmth.

The goal is to keep locals, with a special focus on children, in the Columbia Gorge warm throughout winter. Windermere-Glenn Taylor started and continues to do Share the Warmth. Contributions made by local community members are brought to the Windermere-Glenn Taylor locations in Hood River, Stevenson, and Bingen.

Contributions include blankets, coats, gloves, hats, and other various winter items. In 2007, Kim Salveson bought Windermere and since then thousands of donations have been made. This year, Windermere-Glenn Taylor is working with the Next Door Inc. and donating the community’s contributions to foster children.

“It is very amazing that the community has come together to bring this abundance of clothes and blankets,” said Windermere’s Jenni Moore.

Sales associate Doug Arnell said, “It does my heart good to be able to give to those in need.”

“People get busy with the economic and superficial parts of Christmas and forget that the holidays are about spending time with the ones you love, being generous, and caring about the well-being of everyone around you,” Salveson said.

“Share the Warmth is a great way for us to help our community.”

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