Ben's Babbles: A return to normal

January 28, 2012

It's amazing how much I keep my calendar based on what I have to cover on any given night.

Am I at city council or county commission? Must be Monday.

First basketball game of the week? Tuesday.

Nothing at night? Wednesday.

Wrestling? Swimming? Likely Thursday.

Second basketball game? Friday.

Any combination of all of the above usually means it's the weekend.

With all the snow last week and into this week, I completely lost track of time. Even as I wrote that last sentence I couldn't remember exactly when the snow began or when it all stopped.

The only indicators I had in the last two weeks were Monday before last when I went to county commission and last Monday when I went to city council. Somehow, those were the only days that week it didn't snow.

Other than that, I honestly couldn't tell what day it was. Even on Thursday, as I got ready to write this column, I wasn't even sure it was actually Thursday. The weekend, which I usually either spend out working or with my fiancée, instead saw me largely at my apartment, shoveling out the driveway, or posting weather updates on the Hood River News Facebook and Twitter pages.

As I caught up on my calendar with all the games that had been rescheduled I kept having to double-check the dates, because an entire week seemed to have disappeared.

So when I wandered out to the high school Thursday night to do a preview on this weekend's Elks Memorial wrestling tournament, and to snap a few pictures of HRV JV and freshman games against The Dalles, I was glad.

Normalcy had returned.

After a week or so of going crazy from the ice and snow, listening to the constant tone-outs on the emergency scanner of downed power lines and car crashes and the sound of branches cracking off ice-laden trees, I walked into the high school and was met by the sound of wrestlers running drills and a basketball being dribbled on the hardwood.

It was good to hear.

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